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DIAPOR - Diamantes de Portugal, S.A., established in January 1975, is nowadays a reference in the Portuguese market of diamond tools, either in the industrial sector of Natural Stones or in the Sector of Engineered Metal Mechanical industries. DIAPOR started activities as importers and wholesalers of the most different kinds of tools and after a while performed a natural evolution to the division of those activities in the two above mentioned Departments.

Starting with no employees and operating in a very small area of 20 sq. meters, DIAPOR avails today of a large, modern and functional building with 1.400 sq. meters of built area, employing a total staff of 27 people. The most diversified Portuguese industries avail of our know-how in the application field of diamond and CBN tools, which have become indispensable for economical and profitable production processes. Our diamond and CBN tools are used for the most different purposes: cutting, grinding, polishing, sawing, drilling, filing, dressing, honing, formatting, milling, reaming, in the most different companies, from small and medium size to multinational ones in the:

  • Civil Engineering Industry
    • Cutting and drilling of cement, asphalt and concrete, repairing of roads and high-ways,
  • Extraction Industries
    • Natural Stone: Marble, Granite, Basalt and
  • Transforming Industries
    • Metal-mechanics; Woodworking; Plastics and Moulds; Glass: flat, optical, crystal and technical; Shoemaking; Textile; Paper; Cork; Ceramics; Gold and Jewellery; Electrical engineering; Semiconductors and electronics.

DIAPOR has been present in the market of ornamental stones since 1975, using the most modern technological processes in the production of its diamond tools, in order to guarantee in a constant way products of the highest quality. These processes since 2002 with the new manufacturing facilities and the acquisition of the most advanced machinery, allowing the research and development of new production techniques, thus guarantee us a leading position in the market. Research, innovation, the careful choice of raw materials, the use of the highest technology, the highest quality and permanent control in all stages of production, allow us to offer our customers the guarantee of full satisfaction.

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